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„Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans“. even experts cannot agree if these words were spoken by either John Lennon or Reader’s Digest. But that is not at all the point here as you basically cannot get more to the point when facing everyday’s reality. The crucial question you got to ask yourself is „Are you prepared?“

See, Dust Bolt just could not have prepared for what has happened since starting their band back in 2006. Spending twelve years next to each other in a bus, playing every shithole that has electricity and even making it kinda big in America sure does bring people closer together. And yet you also drift further apart. So this is this thing others call „growing up“?

When they put out their debut record „Violent Demolition“ in 2012 Singer/Guitarist Lenny Bruce, Drummer Nico Remann , Guitarist Flo Dehn and Bass player Bene Münzel were still teenagers, 2014 „Awake The Riot“ made waves in the international metal-scene. Just another two years later these Bavarians made the next step with „Mass Confusion“, which led to an invitation from Metal-Legends Exodus and Obituary for an US-Tour. „Seeing this surreal teenage-dream come true was an awesome experience for us“, says singer and guitar player Lenny. „We had hoped for years to become a real rock band someday, so this kinda felt like being knighted. But something changed subconsciously as well. All of a sudden we realized, that this band doesn’t just mean something to the four of us, but to many other people as well. Once that struck us we gave really everything we had to the new record. And I mean everything. One hundred percent dedication but also one hundred percent willing to suffer if necessary“ he says with a dead serious look on his face.

Their fourth Record „Trapped In Chaos“ does surprisingly turn out to be a real personal one. „Of course you make all these big plans, but at the same time you have absolutely no idea where this whole thing will take you in the end and you start doubting yourself. And the other guys felt exactly the same. Taking up this fight was the only way we could go“. This confidence now translates into the music. Dust Bolt are of course still a Thrash Metal Band. But the songs written for „Trapped In Chaos” defies any easy categorization. They discovered their knack for big Heavy Metal moments, maybe in a similar way Kreator did on their last couple of records. This also leads to Lenny trying out different approaches with his voice.

„At home I play a lot of acoustic stuff and I also have a deep passion for the blues. Letting these moments shine through a bit more is simply because the songs allowed for that“. Just listen to Songs like „The Fourth Strike „Dead Inside“ with its Godzilla-grooves, „Bloody Rain“ (a lesson in musical brutality) or the crackin’ „Shed my skin“:- you just can’t resist these hooks. And guess what, these guys didn’t stop there and even pulled off a ballad. Yes, you heard that right, their „Another day in hell” manages to avoid any pitfalls and comes close to stone cold genre classic such as „Escape From Within“ by Flotsam And Jetsam, Metal Churchs „Gods Of Wrath“ and of course „Fade To Black“ from Metallica.

The nine songs gathered on „Trapped In Chaos“ are as real as Dust Bolt are. Honest, blunt, free from what others expect and committed to just one thing: Their band. With their fourth record these guys manage to do something that others never could and never will pull off and offer an impressive, rigorously personal piece of music. So there is just one question remaining:. #areyouprepared ?

OUT Oct 2018

Dust Bolt - Trapped in Chaos (2018)

VÖ: 18.01.2019 / 24.01.2019 (USA)
Napalm Records

Dust Bolt is
Lenny Bruce – Vocals, Guitar
Nico Rayman – Drums
Ben Muenzel – Bass
Flo Dehn – Guitar





Logan Crosland II Satellite Touring II

Oktober Promotion


Dust Bolt - Mass Confusion (2016)

Dust Bolt – Mass Confusion (2016, Napalm Records)

Dust Bolt - Awake The Riot (2014)

Dust Bolt – Awake The Riot (2014, Napalm Records)

Dust Bolt - Violent Demolition (2012)

Dust Bolt – Violent Demolition (2012, Napalm Records)

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Dust Bolt – Chaos Possession (2010)